Monday, 4 February 2008

Week #3: Link building

Sorry for confusing my congregation (probably all three of you) by starting with week #3, but this has a perfectly good reason, which I will get back to later on.

Well, I've reached week #3, and my intensive link building week has begun:

Monday (week #3, day #1) is reserved for entering my keywords and URLs into Link Vault and Receive Links, and I really spent one entire day entering about keywords and URLs into these two linking schemes. I'm building one link for each keyword every day in both these networks. So I'm gaining 14 links for each keyword each week, in other words.

Tuesday (week #3, day #2) is reserved for The Blog Solution splogs. I take my well-indexed domains (, for instance) and add several subdomains on each domain (,, etc). A The Blog Solution-splog tends to be indexed a lot easier with Google if the "mother directory" (if there's such a phrase) is a trusted domain and has been in the index for quite some time. I make one subdomain for each domain I'm building links for, and about 50 individual splogs (one keyword for each splog) under that subdomain. I link to the new subdomain from this blog so Google will discover the new subdomain, and forget all about it.

Wednesday (week #3, day #3) is dedicated to submitting the URLs to FFA directories (and perhaps a few paid directories). I'm submitting by using SubmitEaze, bottled water, an iPod and lots of apples, to compensate for the super-tedious and boring task link building is.

So -- where do I put my links? In addition to SubmitEaze' default directory listings, which I'm quite happy with, I have found a number of websites with fresh and updated directory listings. I can recommend
If you've got more money that time, you can pay, and to do the job for you. This will typically cost you around 50 cent for each submission.

Thursday (week #3, day #4) is set aside for linking from blogs with nofollow. I've used a programme called G-Lock Blog Finder AKA Fast Blog Finder which seems a bit outdated but otherwise ok. (If you want to try Fast Blog Finder for free, there is a trial version of Fast Blog Finder [link leads directly to .exe file] available). I know there are several programmes around which find blogs with nofollow, I'll try to find them and check them out.

Again, for those with more money than time, you can also buy this service: Buy Blog Comments is a black hat service that spams 100, 500 or 1000 blogs with a URL and an achor text of your choice.

Friday (week #3, day #5) is forum spamming day. I haven't got a clue how to do this. Manually, maybe? Well, this is really an easy choice: Just register, update your profile (if you're lucky, the signature is without nofollow) and add useful content wherever you feel like. Time-consuming and perhaps a little hard to find the right forums. But you don't want to piss off the seniors at the forums, so be careful.

I spend my weekends with my wife, so I'm not working Saturdays and Sundays. I bit odd in the beginning to take the weekends off, but I'm getting used to it.