Friday, 21 December 2007

Download The Blog Solution for free before 31 December 2007

The Halfagain guys (makers of The Blog Solution) has made The Blog Solution available for download, for free. Check this link out: []

You will be able to download the entire The Blog Solution software for free before 31 December 2007. The software will function properly on five different domains. Enough to build your very own linking empire.

This software is highly addictive, as you might have understood from my other posts here at this blog.

Monday, 3 December 2007

How to keep your AdSense account

I just had my AdSense account terminated, due to … yes, you guessed it: Stupidity. This is the most common reason for closing down someone's AdSense account, as a matter of fact.

Let me go into detail:

In my world, you have these different kinds of sites;
a) auto generated sites,
b) money sites and
c) my sites that draw traffic due to their domain names.
d) blogs (a blog that actually serve as a blog (i.e. diary), and not a blog that serves as a money site)

In case this is kind of blurry to you, here's the difference:

a) auto generated sites, whether if we're talking about RSS-feeds, The Blog Solution sites, database generated sites, scraped sites or any other sites with hundreds or thousands of web pages per site, is exclusively made for your linking strategies. You're NOT supposed to make any money with these kind of sites. Use unique templates. Avoid AdSense completely. Don't bother to monetize from auto generated sites. Keep these sites on a "dirty", dedicated server.

b) money sites are built to draw targeted traffic for specific affiliate products. A money site is a funnel that leads to the affiliate link. Avoid AdSense. Keep these sites on a separate server from the "dirty" server mentioned above.

c) a brilliant domain name that generates random traffic can be used for two purposes: 1) Pass the traffic on to another site through your affiliate link right away or 2) monetize traffic through PPC ads. AdSense comes in handy here. Keep this kind of site on a separate server from the "dirty" server.

d) When applying for an affiliate membership, a blog can be nice to have. In addition to using it as a blog, of course. I wouldn't recommend to put ads on your blogs at all, because you mess up the design, diminish your credibility by selling out, lose random visitors and send mixed signals to your visitors. It's simply not worth it for the two clicks a day you receive. What would Eli's blog be with ads? If you insist on putting ads on your blogs, the ads should be targeted: If you write about SEO, use a custom ad for SoloSEO (just a crappy example, this very programme doesn't convert at all) or SEO Elite.

Here's what I did, and why I screwed up: I forgot the difference between these different kinds of sites. Don't mix them. Keep them separated. I will. In the future. Using my girlfriend's AdSense account.

I made a mess from one of my domains, resulting in the termination of my Google AdSense account: I took my best domain name, made a site on my "dirty" server, put The Blog Solution on that site and started building links. Finally, I put AdSense on this crappy site with no original content. I wanted everything in one site, and didn't separate the three different kinds of sites.

And I got what I bargained for. To tell you the truth, I'm not that sorry, because it was entirely my mistake. 100 per cent. I'll live.

Here are some sound advice for not putting your AdSense on the line:

1. If Google label your site "garbage", remove AdSense ads from that site.
If your site gets de-indexed (I prefer this phrase to "banned") from Google, it's Google's way of telling you that your site stinks. If you keep your AdSense ads on a garbage site, you're likely to get your AdSense account terminated in addition to having the site de-indexed.

And remember: In this business, Google will de-index your sites all the time. Don't take it personally: Google do not hate you, just your crappy little site.

2. Never put AdSense ads on auto generated sites.
Sites made by The Blog Solutions should never include AdSense ads. Sites like this are on the verge of being banned all the time, even if you use a unique, custom made template for that very site.

3. Don't put AdSense ads on your money sites.
Your money sites are landing pages that are designed to draw massive quantities of traffic and sell a specific product. Why would you want to trade that traffic for 16 cents a click?

4. Don't put AdSense ads on your database generated sites.
Database generated sites are made for one purpose only: To be a foundation for your linking strategies. Don't confuse these linking sites with your money sites.

5. Do put AdSense ads on sites that draw traffic due to their domain names.
If you draw a lot of traffic due to a nice domain name, you should direct this traffic to a squeaky clean site with a nice layout, some sensible content and AdSense ads. Nothing but the ads should be clickable.

5.1. What if
a) you have a site with a brilliant domain name that draws a lot of traffic due to the domain name, but
b) this site gets de-indexed by Google?

Divert the traffic to this domain by using a 301 redirect to another squeaky clean site.

6. Be in compliance.
Don't place AdSense ads on sites with information about porn, pills, gambling or anything else that can be controversial, not safe for work, gross, rude or simply not acceptable in one way or another. Google don't want to upset the advertiser, which is a conservative, all-American, Christian familiy guy.

7. Offer some sort of information or substance
Your site has to be about something.