Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Lap #1, step #2: Autogenerated sites: Low-quality sites with auto generated content

This is a step I haven't been looking forward to. I hate sites like these, I hate to waste time producing rubbish and these sites are to absolutely no value to anybody. Perhaps with the exception of the owner of the AdSense code embedded into the sites.

But this will be an experience anyway, so here goes.

I've decided to use BlogSolution as a CMS for these auto generated sites. This web based software takes care of automatic generation of content of as may blogs you could possibly want, after you've set it all up.

In an ideal world, I would prefer to program this myself. Maybe in lap #2? Formerly I've used Carp to deliver RSS feeds to my semi-automatic sites (or at least to certain parts of the site, just to make it look fresh) along with MySQL and PHP, but this time I'll give BlogSolution a go.

BlogSolution does everything for you. One other advantage to BlogSolution is that there is a whole line of BlogSolution compatible products available. Check these URLs out:
I will install BlogSolution shortly, and an extensive report is due right after that. Se separate posts about my experiences with BlogSolution, Content Solution and the other software I'm evaluating.