Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Lap #1, step #1: Registering leech domains

Well, I included this point just because it has given me some traffic in the past. It is a sooo 1999, lo-life way of getting traffic, but if you get the right domain name, it really pays off.

I will not mention the specific domains I've already registered (besides, they're of no interest to you, because they're already taken). I will just give you some general ideas of what to look for:
  1. Look for volume sites with domain names with double consonants. Internet users in general cannot spell, and often omit one of the two consonants (if there are double consonants present in the word).

    I.E: If "blogger.com" is a popular site, register "bloger.com".

    Even better: If the domain consists of two words where the last character in the first word is similar to the first character in the second word, you have a winner.

    I.E: "carregister.com" is often mis-typed as "caregister.com". In this case, you register both "caregister.com" and "car-register.com" (see next paragraph).

  2. Internet users use hyphens much more than the companies that name the sites. Especially is this true if the site consists of both letters and numbers.

    I.E: If "seat24.com" is a popular site, register "seat-24.com".

    Naturally, this also goes for all domain names consisting of two or more words.

    I.E: If "facebook.com" is a popular site, register "face-book.com".

  3. Use your imagination, take a chance. Domains are cheap, the downside is limited to a few dollars and normally you just need that one sale a year to profit from it. So go wild. You will be surprised to see which words people actually type into the URL field in their browsers.

    Assignment: Log into the affiliate system you use (Trade Doubler, Commission Junction, Clickbank, Advertising.com or whatever you use) and see if you can find domain names that matches the criterias I've mentioned above. Then register a leech domain and redirect all the traffic from your domain to the advertiser through your affiliate link.


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