Sunday, 7 October 2007

How to get the World's best web hosting -- and USD 50 off

Dreamhost offer some out-of-this-world web hosting solutions. For USD 10 a month (USD 120 a year) you get
  • 500 GB disk storage (increases weekly by 2 GB)
  • 5 TB monthly bandwidth (increases weekly by 40 GB)
  • an unlimited number of MYSQL databases
  • an unlimited number of e-mail-addresses
  • an unlimited number of FTP accounts
  • ... well, basically everything you'll ever need.
If you enter the promo code "MAPDADDY50", you'll get another USD 50 off the annual cost. So the first year will cost you USD 70 instead of USD 120.

Dreamhost host BlogSolution and manage cron jobs extremely elegantly, with Zend Optimizer and all the features you need to get this software up and running.

Dreamhost is involved in many of my projects, and I can recommend Dreamhost wholeheartedly!


sanjith said...

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