Monday, 1 October 2007


Hugely inspired by Eli's blog post "SEO Empire Part 1", I realize that I need a number of different web sites, hereby referred to as "steps":
  1. Leech domains with redirect: This is not even a site. Domains similar to sites with huge traffic.

  2. Autogenerated sites: Low-quality sites with auto generated content. [2007-10-31 Update: I ended up with autogenerated blogs. Click here for all posts that apply: Splogs.]

  3. Scraped sites. Mid-quality directories, forums, etc. Rewritten or at least redesigned to avoid duplicate content penalties.

    The pages in the sites described in paragraph 2 and 3 will probably be moved to Google's supplementary index immediately after indexing, and should be kept on a separate server to prevent them from jinxing the entire project.

  4. Huge sites: I need several huge sites for building links to my optimised sites. A huge site consists of a huge number of dynamic pages with fairly original content, for instance 500.000 web pages. Normally, around 20% of all pages are indexed on Google. This means that 100.000 pages are indexed on an average site this size.

  5. Recycled sites: Expired domains with recycled content from either Google cache or

  6. Warehouse sites: Collection of affiliate URLs.

  7. Optimised pages: AKA "Mini sites". Pick a niche, build optimised pages, build links and get good SERP rankings. One optimised site consists of from 20 to 100 optimised pages. Google seem to have a thing for sites with 100+ pages, so I'll try to make them bigger than 100 pages. 100.000 link pages from the huge sites (se the previous paragraph) distributed among 20 optimised sites with 100 pages each gives each page 50 links each. Carefully built, this is normally enough offpage SEO to get good SERP rankings.

  8. Landing pages: Pages made with good conversion rates in mind, but with no SEO implemented whatsoever. Optimised pages (previous paragraph) or AdWords will send traffic to these pages.

  9. Blogs (like this one): High-quality, custom made blogs with quality content. Crappy conversion, no SEO, but these are the sites to show prospective sponsors and partners when applying for their affiliate programmes.
I have sorted the steps quality; lowest quality (and normally the highest page/site ratio) first.

This is all I know right now.

The gameplan is a) to run through the gameplan several times (each time is a "lap"), b) make changes to the gameplan and c) run the necessary laps until I've got my daily 480 dollars.


Kenneth A. Dreyer said...

Thats a good plan. A LOOOTS of work, but a good plan. I will defently stay tuned on this blog..

mapdaddy said...

Thanks for your comment, Kenneth.

I will do this as systematically as I can, and document every move I make. As thorough and honest as humanly possible.

Msites said...

A plan is not always a plan - but a guideline to reach your goals! And, I do think that's what this is... Because as you say yourself - you're going to change the plan.... :-)

I hope you make it!

mapdaddy said...

Hi there, Msites.

I hope I'll make it, too :-))

I need to run several laps to achieve my goal. One part of the plan is to revise the plan for every lap. I will communicate everything I do and everything I plan here on this blog.

Kasami said...

Good luck. :)
Have read your sø earlier, and this is now bookmarked too.

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