Saturday, 29 September 2007

My entire strategy in one go

When I sit down and think about all the various ways to earn money from the internet, earning USD 480 a day shouldn't be that hard.

A future internet empire is within my reach.

But first, a few words about myself and why I do this:

I'm really a newcomer: I started earning money from AdSense when I set up exactly two pages (on one single site) in November 2005. I put AdSense on them and forgot all about it. I actually did this at work because I was bored to death and had nothing better to do. In June 2006, about six months later, I was absolutely skinned, and checked my AdSense account on a whim because I was bored (again) (and caught in a dead end job). During the six month's period I had managed to earn over USD 8,000.

Google's algorithms have changed since that, but I really became aware of the potential of internet marketing in June 2006.

I have been doing this more intensely since May 2007, so I have six months of experience to draw from. Currently, I'm earning a little bit less than USD 100 a day. And this is mainly from a non-systematic experimental phase where I've scraped directories and republished them, published small sites on random and put AdSense on them, registered domains and run the traffic through affiliate programmes like Trade Doubler, tried to buy USD 1 traffic for USD 0.8 by arbitrage traffic through AdWords, written blogs and earned absolutely nada, and so on. All in all without making any big bucks.

So - how hard is it to rake in USD 480 a day?

I know how to pick a topic, make a small site with ten, 15 or 20 pages and earn USD 2 a day. I could do that 240 times. I have scraped large sites and recreated them as equivalent large sites with 250.000 pages and earned USD 20 a day. I could to that 24 times. I have bought traffic through AdWords for USD 0.2 a click and converted it into traffic that have made USD 0.25 a click (on average). I could do that 9.600 times a day.

I make USD 80 a day right now (well, actually I make a little bit more, but let's say USD 80 for argument's sake, it's such a convenient figure). That is USD 3.33 an hour. I spend six hours making USD 20.

My goal is to make USD 480 a day. That is USD 20 an hour. USD 5 every 15 minutes. One dollar every three minutes.

All in all - my point is that this is doable. If I eventually will succeed or not? Stay tuned and you will find out.

My aims are true. You're not supposed to send me money, neither buy anything from me. I don't sell anything. But please send me your comments. They are highly appreciated.


Welcome to my blog. This is my very first blog post, and nothing is more appropriate than trying to clarify my main goals and purposes of writing this blog.

What do we all want? No worries, basically. My goal is to have a life without worries, peace of mind and quality time with my wife. I'm not a material girl (or in my case; boy), and I am not dreaming about piles of money. Just a carefree life.

Your success online should not be measured from how much money you are able to make, but how much joy you are able to get from the money you actually make.

Hence this blog isn't just about money. It is about happiness and quality of life.